internet – Reporting Application for Maintenance and Production

What are the benefits
of i-RAMPs

i-RAMPs enables more effective “real time” resource and cost management across all of your Maintenance, Operations and Facilities activities by providing an accessible and easy to use portal where work identification, approvals, scheduling, tracking, analysis and status displays takes place.

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Work Identification / Work Order Notification functionality allows required maintenance activities to be clearly communicated, prioritized, and scheduled rather than allowing geography and confusion to prevent real value added work from being accomplished.

Reduce costs, improve
productivity with i-RAMPs

Reporting and Daily Progress Report (DPR) features allow for consistent and real time documentation of work status and delays, allowing supervisors and project managers to make smart and proactive decisions reducing annual Contractor spends with Electronic Field Tickets.

Our Cloud-Based Solutions

i-RAMPs was developed in response to the real-world issues we’ve found that were making our clients angry in
the face of a declining market. The top 6 pain points that i-RAMPs has helped solve for other clients are:

  • Spending too much money on job labor, and yet decision makers didn’t accurately see what is going on in the Field, day-to-day.
  • Contractors were overbilling, compared to their contracted rates, and because the tickets were turned in late and the billing process was so lengthy, nobody would catch it.
  • Daily tickets were illegible and required support staff (that was no longer available) to translate and key punch the data into sub-optimal solutions, such as excel.
  • Projects were often running over budget and finishing late.
  • Long-lead equipment was not ready when needed. Planning & Scheduling departments were not notified of needs, or changes, on a timely basis.
  • Work orders were not generated on a timely, or accurate basis, because of the complexity, accessibility and lack of training on the large company enterprise system.

i-RAMPs was developed as a direct result of the need for better oversight and cost effective utilization of employees and contractors spread out internally in large facilities, or externally across large Field areas.

Until the development and deployment of this cloud-based solution, we could not find an effective mechanism to visualize the activities, resource utilization and daily progress, to company goals and key performance metrics, of craftsmen and production workers in a generic, hand-held, portable platform.

Today, i-RAMPs is deployed across wide geographic Oil and Gas Field areas, with multiple disciplines of trades.