This Daily Progress Reporting package has been proven to add value and profit to companies with remote Field Workers



features included:


  • Electronic Field Tickets
  • Enables rapid audit and approval/denial of field tickets anywhere
  • Ensures contract rate compliance
  • Eliminates common field level accounting errors and illegible reports

  • Instantaneous field level KPI access
  • Identify and mitigate variances

  • Optimizes field level supervision through hand-held communication
  • Drives accountability by engaging user in not only the work performed, but in planning the path forward as well
  • Provides a searchable database of all performance metrics and Field resources
  • Optimize Low-Cost, High-Margin doctrine (“Do more with less”)
  • Minimizes non-productive time with resource and data management by leveraging a universally accessible digital
  • Maximizes decision value by empowering the decision makers with real-time data and historic trends

  • User interface designed for field level users, with intuitive layouts, utilizing simple drop down menu formats
  • User profile administration
  • Field ticket generation with signature and printed name of approving supervisor/manager with date stamp
  • Email interface for sent and approval notifications
  • Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, and Safari extensions

  • Requires internet access only and works with any desktop, or mobile device (Will work in remote areas without Internet signals)

  • Personalized log-in credentials
  • Secure “https” site always protecting confidential information
  • Unique interfaces tailored to support all work activities:
  • Operations/Production
  • Maintenance
  • Projects
  • Work Over/Completions
  • Administration

Other advanced features

  • Multiple Fields / All Active Fields
  • Live, Field KPI Dashboards
  • Contractor office administration module
  • Excel Export for custom analytics
  • App version allows system to function offline and sync upon internet connection
Other optional applications
  • Expedited customization and updates
  • Personalized Dashboard settings to filter to the desired data chart displays for all Fields
  • Work Order Notification Module
  • Other Enterprise Systems custom APIs available