internet, cloud-based Reporting Application for Maintenance and Production

Daily Progress Reports

Generate electronic DPRs in the Field with electronic Field Tickets sent immediately to Supervisors for Audit, Approval and/or Denial.

Daily Progress Report features allow for an ongoing understanding of status, cost, and asset utilization by both internal personnel and outside contractor resources.

Short Interval Control Dashboards

View Graphs of KPIs for real-time analysis of Contractor/Budget performance.

Identification and Reporting of current status, delays, and other meaningful KPIs in near real-time provides a “focal point” for action and quick problem resolution. See performance of Fields, Contractors, Equipment & Materials, etc. in graphical, custom Dashboards.

Work Order Notifications

Deploy as a very user-friendly front-end for Field personnel to request work authorization from Supervision.

As work is identified in the Fields, real-time awareness and approval is communicated seamlessly to supervision, within a simple and easy to learn and use application, on most platforms including tablets, smart phones, PCs, and laptops, via a fast, intuitive, and secure web portal.Designed to “bolt on” to 3rd party APIs such as SAP & others also available.

Maintenance Work Order Scheduler